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    does arr t3 work for you?

    I took arr's t3 for 12 days, went up to 120 mcg per day and got nothin, i took my temp 7 days before starting and it never went up at all while on the t3, then my source gave me some advanced genetics t3, i took 100 mcg and the next mornin I woke up with a temp of 99.5, so that makes me think that the *****'s t3 didnt work, i know it's not cool to dish the board sponsor, but i paid 50 bucks for that, also I ordered alot of stuff from them, ldex, cialis, needles, syringes, clen , nolva, clomid, t3, taurine and more, so i have been a good customer. Has anyone had similar results? Thanks for your input

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    Have you spoken to Lion about this?

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    Because Lion is very loyal to his repeat customers, from what I understand.

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    I take the t3 every day. send me a pm. I'll see wheat we can do for you.

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    Yes, I've noticed that their T3 got a scathing review on their site. Maybe it was just a bad batch. I hope not because I already ordered some.

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    i hope its good me and my budy both ordered the t3 clen combo

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