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    I tried clen from ARR

    Its not very powerful if used on its own...lots of cardio 4x week minimum has to be implemented with proper diet to diet down, you cant slack off when on something like on dnp .
    Proper diet and workout is still key.

    I did 200mcgs, no need for taurine ( even though I tried it , but never got cramps) and always supplemented potassium, and lots of water just for the look and safety. Lots of shaking, but they subside after a while.

    I did a pyramid, but remember: assess your tolerance.

    And as for ephedrine and other fat products: shit.
    Go for t3 instead or any thyroid products. They work better.

    LIpo6 vs t3 and testestorne enan cycle? Its the same as Xenadrine vs. Xenadrine RFA1 which is ephedra free.
    T3 wins, obviously.


    TIP: be active helps ALOT.
    Little tips, like take stairs, walk the dog around for 2 miles instead of two seconds plus all your workouts helps in metabolism. Just my .02 cents


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    No comments/?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dirtylilsecret
    No comments/?
    Your post is very interesting. I just purchased some clen from the lion and Have taken pharm clen before. The absorbtion of the Lion's clen was very nice. High Quality.

    (((Everyone knows that you have to do Cardio when taking any supplement to burn fat. So I have to ask you, did you expect to loose weight(fat) by doing nothing? I hope not. You should know that is not how it works. And from past experience, I have noticed when you have a lot to loose that it comes off quicker(BF% higher than 15%). If you BF% is lower than 15%, you have to work a lot harder.)) For those who are thinking of taking Clen)

    The results of T3 was better for you than Clen? What were you BF% before and after taking both of them?

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    t3 worked better and I was at alower bf %. It just seemed to take the fat easier.
    Clen just seemed like a lipo6.
    Ive taken it many times and ways. Check this link
    Can clen at 40mcg give you the shakes?

    I prefer t3.
    I did not lose muscle, you dont especially when over 20%. TO not you have to stack with Testosterone to keep the mass.

    Now, I am trying t3 with test and eq, tren and anavar
    6 weeks into cycle

    Ill let you know how it goes.
    I know that much, I hope i helped.

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