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    question about ar's igf-1 lr3

    it says in the item description that it comes with "sterile 10 ML vial and NACL solution". Is this all I will need to reconstitute it? first time doing it so just making sure I will have everything I need if i choose to run it.

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    yep, that's all you need.

    IGF-1 lr3 is good stuff...your mice will love it.

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    as t-bol said it comes with everything except the pins. But you can get them there too

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    I wanna order this, but unsure whether or not it will make it through Australian customs.
    I had ordered Albuterol from AR-R and customs opened the package and did nothing and that was great. So I guess Albuterol at the moment isn't illegal to bring in, not too mention my rats are absoultely loving the albuterol....
    I just wondering if LR3 will make it through before forking out a fair amount of cash all for my rats, might even test it on some mice.....

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    What results will be seen in lab setting ?

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