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    an amazing protien pudding recipe!!!!!!!!!!!

    ok, this pudding is unreal, tastes better to me than regular pudding, u gotta try it!

    first off, you need to but "My -T-Fine" brand pudding/pie filling fat free/sugar free, vanilla or chocolate. Add 2 cups "carb fit vanilla flavor soy milk" or you can use "slender soy" to your blender.... Then blend in the packet of van or choc flavor pudding mix..... while blending add a 1/2 cup of water and 2 scoops of optimum nutrition protien (vanilla with van pudding or chocolate w/ choc pudding). blend well then micro wave for like 6 min on high stirring every two min...... then take it out of the micro mix it up place in small plastic cups which it will fill up nearly to the top! let sit for a couple hrs then enjoy!!!!!!! much better than a shake, or at least something different!

    nutrition facts: (this is for one plastic cup/or divide it to make 4 servings)

    calories - 103.75
    fat- 2
    saturated fat- .5
    protien- 14.5
    carbs- 4.75
    sugar- 1

    so, this stuff is great! i'm sure you can mess around and try other stuff like adding almonds to the choc. one, i also top it off w/ fat free cool whip!!!!!!

    for those that are against soy protien which there is very little of it 4 grams per serving, can try some other milk drink, maybe skim or some other stuff...
    anyway try it, its tasty and takes teo min to make!

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    and no aspartame in the recipe at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Heh, I made it with sugar free fat free chocolate jello pudding mix, vanilla soy milk, and 4 scoops of muscle milk. It tastes exactly like pudding with muscle milk in it... Very good.

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