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    Talking analyize my diet for bulking

    hey. This is it. Keep in mind that my metabolism is so fast that I could pound cheesecakes all day and burn it off sitting on my a**- almost literal-really.

    stats; 5' 11" 170 lbs. 26 yrs. old

    breakfast; bagel sandwich (mayo,mustard,6 sclices turkey,chicken sand.meat) lowfat yogurt, 1 scoop protien 20g.

    totals: protein-44g./carbs. 94g./ calories-650

    mid morning; protien shake 20g.

    lunch; 4 eggs/ white bread sand (6 sclices turkey,chicken) 8 oz. glass apple j.

    totals; protein 38g./ carbs. 44g./ cal. 600

    mid afternoon: yogurt/apple j. 16 oz. = 8g. prtein/99g. carbs/ cal. 460

    dinner; usually 9 ounces of steak,pork,chicken/ mashed potatoes (serving of about 2 potatoes) and veggies.

    totals; protein 85g./carbs. 76g./cal.840

    late meal; MRP Optimum Nut. Mass- 1 scoop= 25g. protein/ 126 carbs./625 cal.

    totals; 220g. protein/409 g. carbs./cal. 3175

    Im taking 1-tu 3 caps a day,4-ad,creatine

    p.s. if you are a moderator- can you plze move this to "diet questions" forum.
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