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Thread: bulking shake

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    bulking shake

    I have a very hard time eating... works well for me when im cutting, but bulking is horrible for me, I just cant stand eating that much food, so i started making these shakes, and have about 3 a day while bulking, to help me get the cals I need.... they dont taste good, but they dont really taste bad, but there a big help when bulking if you cant eat much.

    -2 cups milk
    -1 cup oats
    -3-4 eggs
    -1 scoop protein powder
    -3 tbs grape oil (or oil of choice)
    -2 tbs peanut butter

    Its a bit hard to get it all mixed together, so you just have to let the blender run for a while...

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    or a better tasting one would be (for an endo only):

    2 cups milk
    2 scoops ice cream
    2 scoops whey
    2 tbsp peanut butter
    1/2 cup oats

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