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Thread: breakfast meals

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    breakfast meals

    Im just compiling a list of meals to make it easyer for me and some friends to choose from. Problem is breakfast is a hard one cause of the time some of us have in the morning, not to mention I can't eat eggs every AM unless I want to see them twice. Let me know what works for you, and don't forget to say if its a p/c or p/f.


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    Cottage cheese with a bowl of oats.

    Plain yogurt with spenda.

    Turkey or chicken western omlette.

    Egg salad.

    It doesnt have to be breakfast either. I know its nasty but I even have tuna for breakfast sometimes.

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    chinups Guest
    I wake up at 4:15 am every morning. I am going with shake with oatmeal in it maybe a bananna as well. The bannana yea I am crazy. I LOVE FRUITS!!! no pun

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    Im obsessed with fruit as well, I guess its an italian thing, I grew up eating fruit every day. I cut them all out unless I cheat here and there when Im cutting.

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    chinups Guest
    My dad is old schoool Italiano and he swares by fruit. My new thoery is the happy medium theory haha. I am trying to look good but also be real healthy as far as my insides go. I am never cutting out fruit again!!!

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    Equally import to what you are eating is watch the macro combinations. Check out the cutting and bulking stickie on the diet forum for more info about proper amounts of protein, carb, and fats.

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    chinups Guest
    I know the main fruits that are good for you but I won't ignore certain fruits that I use to because of carbs and what not. Some say apples are no good and bannanas but I will consume both especially apples for there great anti oxidants

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    apples and bananas are definetly good for you

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    what fruits are good for u

    what fruits are good for u to include in a mass gaining diet.

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