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    Scotty, beam me up

    Kickass panncake

    50g oatmeal
    10 egg whites
    1 scoop of chocolate protein powder
    Any swetener in good amounts
    baking soda
    a decent amount of salt

    frie upp 100grams of lean pork or lean beef in thin slices and then mix it with the batter.

    Put it all in the over for 20 minutes at 200 degres celcius

    Add any sugarfree jam and enjoy

    40g carbs
    79g protein
    Hardly no fat at all except the small amounts in oatmeal(the meat I use is 1% fat tops).

    This is gonna be my ppwo meal from now on hell yeah

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    Yeah I always jsut make the simple version.

    Use hal the amount of pancake nix required, and for the other half use chocoalte whey protein. Tasted pretty much excelty like a normal pancake.

    I;ll have to try that one, not sure about the prok though

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