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    i figure more people look in this form so it would be more benefitial then the dieting one. these are 6 recipes that i got several years ago from an old fitness forum, i dont even remember who posted them, im sure he got them out of some cookbook! I actually just found them the other day on my computer and i thought id share them with you.

    1. Tuna-Chili Soft Tacos
    In a small bowl, combine a six-ounce can of light tuna in water (always get light tuna packed in water and always drain) and one tablespoon of chili sauce. Spread two tablespoons of fat-free cream cheese on two flour tortillas (one tablespoon of cream cheese each). Top the cream cheese with the tuna mixture and roll up the tortilla.
    Totals: 404 calories, 45g carbs, 41g protein, 6g fat, 3g fiber

    2. Spicy Tuna Burger
    Take a six-ounce can of tuna and mix it with three tablespoons of seasoned dry bread crumbs, one egg white and one-half teaspoon of hot sauce. Shape the mixture into a round patty, about one-inch thick and four inches wide. Spray a large nonstick skillet with cooking spray and set the pan over medium-high heat. Add the tuna patty and cook four minutes per side, until it is golden brown and cooked through. Place the burger on a bun and top with two tomato slices. Now, that’s a healthy Whopper!
    Totals: 361 calories, 41g carbs, 41g protein, 4g fat, 3g fiber

    3. Middle-Eastern Tuna Pockets
    The Middle East may be a powder keg right now, but this quick and tasty meal will do wonders for international relations. Scramble a six-ounce can of tuna with one-quarter cup of crushed pineapple, one tablespoon of fat-free mayonnaise, one tablespoon of chopped pecans and one-half teaspoon of curry powder. Spoon the mixture into two pita-pocket halves.
    Totals: 388 calories, 43g carbs, 34g protein, 9g fat, 3g fiber

    The bag: Birds Eye Oriental Style Vegetables (broccoli, green beans, onions, mushrooms, red peppers)
    You add: Shrimp, instant rice and teriyaki sauce.
    How to do it: Coat a wok or large skillet with cooking spray and set the pan over medium-high heat. Add a half-pound of peeled and cleaned large shrimp and cook for two minutes, until the shrimp are bright pink on both sides. Add the nine-ounce box of vegetables, a half-cup of instant brown rice, a half-cup of water and one tablespoon of teriyaki sauce. Cover the pan and cook for eight to 10 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the rice absorbs the liquid.
    Per serving: 505 calories, 52g carbs, 47g protein, 12g fat, 7g fiber

    The bag: Green Giant Create a Meal Stir-Fry Lo Mein (broccoli, carrots, mushrooms)
    You add: Pork, soy sauce and peanut oil.
    How to do it: Heat two teaspoons of peanut oil in a wok or large skillet over high heat. When the pan is hot, add a half-pound of pork tenderloin (one-inch cubes) and cook for three minutes, stirring frequently, until the meat is no longer pink. Add the 21-ounce bag of lo mein mix (vegetables, noodles and sauce), two tablespoons of soy and two tablespoons of water. Cover the pan and cook for five minutes, stirring frequently, until the vegetables are tender but still slightly crisp. Makes two servings.
    Per serving: 444 calories, 52g carbs, 34g protein, 11g fat, 5g fiber

    The bag: Green Giant Create a Meal Oven Roasted Garlic Herb Chicken (potatoes, carrots, sugar snap peas, red bell peppers)
    You add: Chicken and Italian dressing.
    How to do it: Preheat the oven to 450 degrees. Coat a lasagna-size baking pan with cooking spray and pour the 26-ounce bag of frozen vegetables and seasoning packet into the pan. Add a half-pound of chicken tenderloin or skinless, boneless chicken breasts cut into thin strips and a quarter-cup of fat-free Italian salad dressing (vinaigrette, not creamy); stir to coat the chicken and vegetables with the seasonings. Bake uncovered for 15 minutes. Stir well and bake for 10 more minutes, until the chicken is no longer pink in the center. Makes two servings.
    Per serving: 520 calories, 74g carbs, 44g protein, 5g fat, 11g fiber
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    hmmmm good recipes bro....I am gonna try that spicy tuna burger, sounds good to me......

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    Thanks for recipes.

    I am going to move it however.

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