Serves: 1 Prep Time: 7 minutes Cook Time: 2 minutes

Nutrition Score per serving:
Calories 219 g Protein 21
g Fat 2 % Protein 37%
% Fat 7% g Fiber 4
g Carbs 31 mg Sodium
% Carbs 56% g Calcium


1 fat-free hot dog (I used Ballpark Fat-Free Franks)
1 light hot dog bun
1/2 cup low-fat turkey chili without beans (canned or homemade)


Place hot dog in a microwave-safe container big enough to lay it flat. Add enough water to cover the dog. Microwave on high heat until the hot dog plumps, approximately 2-4 minutes. Microwave chili in a separate bowl until hot, about 1-3 minutes on medium heat. Drain hotdog and place it on the bun. Spoon chili over the top and serve immediately. Makes one serving.

Doctor's Order: You can add chopped onion and/or a sprinkling of grated fat-free cheese for just a few more calories

I have tried this which i found is very good almost feels like you are cheating?

tell me what you think Bros!!!!!