ok, here's a receipe for a >good< tasting protein shake...;) it only has about 30 grams of protein though, but hey, if you drink 2 of them, thats 60 grams and that aint bad...=)

buy 3-4 bags of frozen fruit of your choice. some fat free yogurt (flavor of your choosing). egg beaters eggwhites. fresh bananas. brown sugar.

in a blender put:
1) a few pieces of each kind of frozen fruit
2) one package of yogurt
3) one package of eggwhites
4) one fresh banana
5) 3 tablespoons of brown sugar

blend until smooth and enjoy! mmm, it tastes sooo good. keep in mind if you add too much frozen fruit, it will be too thick. also, even though it only has 30 grams of protein, egg protein is almost 100% directly usable by your body. and yes, eggbeaters eggwhites are checked for samonella...=)

clocky baby