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    The only way i can eat tuna (recipe)

    Well I havent posted forever, and I figured I'd share a way to eat tuna (at least for me... this recipe is the only way I can eat this).

    I get about 2 cans of tuna (what like 10oz right?)
    add a tablespoon of lemon juice
    add some oregeno... add some lemon pepper
    add about 2 tablespoons of low fat mayo
    couple squirts of mustard
    add about 1.5-2 tablespoons of sweet relish
    mix all that up in a bowl and you're ready to eat

    Now some may find this gross, but I really like it and you can't even really taste the tuna

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    try this :

    get a can of white albacore tuna, open it, squeese the water out, so it's sort of dry

    get some pepperjack cheese (got a little spice to it)

    get some cholula (it's next to Tabasco)

    either put all 3 in a flour tortilla or in between 2 pieces of toasted bread.

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    I just open the can and eat the tuna with a fork.

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    LOL cadillac thats practical.
    I definetely like the relish, but if youre watching your carbs you have to watch its sugar.
    Sometimes i put it in the microwave with aslice of fat free cheese, add mustard, make into a patty then put into a piece of toast.

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