This might not be super healthy but I made it. This had me wired so bad I couldnt give my speech in speech class last Friday. But it was so great I drank this from 630 to 730 during my workout, then after my class at 9 I was so pumped I went back and did legs for another hour. I wouldnt recomend this shake very often cause it must be hell on the heart but here goes.

Yellow Jacket sampler pack; (these are uppers that you can buy at a gass station that contain all kinds of stimulants.)

Low fat Chocolate Ice Cream

Designer whey protein
chocolate and vanilla flavor



Directions; Take about 1 1/2 cup ice, 2 scoop choc ice cream, 1/2 scoop of choc whey, and 1 scoop of vanilla whey with 1/3 cup milk.
Next take a black/yellow, and a yellow only pill from sampler cut open and mix into shake.

Makes a lot. Beware youll be glued GREAT FOR A SUPER LEG DAY -