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Thread: Legal script

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    Legal script

    Due to a pituitary problem I have a legal prescription for Cypionate and Bromocriptine. RX: .75-1.0cc cip/wk, 5mg Bromo every day. I have been doing this for almost two years. About a year and half ago I started to add some different AS to my script(see my Bio). I am in my 50's and have always worked out but never tried seroids till now. I figured what the heck the Doctor is giving me the same thing. I'v done three cycles with no problems. They have been Cip and Deca (8wks),Cip and Winny Depot(10wks) and T-400,Deca and Primo(12wks). I have alway been in good shape but now I'm told I look fantastic. I would like to know if anyone has advice on future cycles and if somebody could tell me if the Bromo limits estrogen and gyno. I tried to post this before but I don't think it went through, I'm new at this.

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    First of all, you should post this in STEROID section not in RECIPES

    and second.. whats your stats, give your age (50)

    like your height, weight, how often you frequent the gym

    and yeah for your age, you could use fomr GH, and your Doc should prescribe you it without any problem... benefit of being old

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