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    sauteed spinach leafs-good for cutting? and how to cook?

    How do I cook sauteed spinach leafs bro's.....Just need little advice how to make them good good....ill buy them fresh in packet of the spinach leafs that are about the size of a jalepeno pepper...or the size of a leaf of an oak tree...thanx bro's

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    i just take a little flax and a little olive oil and put it in the pan on med heat. make sure to wash the spinach or else you get this gritty feeling left on your teeth. i throw some onion in there as well and then add my pre cooked chix in and if it is a work out day i add brown rice

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    i just use olive oil and garlic..sometimes some lemon juice. always comes out good. If you cook up some chicken w/it, and throw in some white wine(or not if you don't have it) , you end up with some really good chicken florentine.

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    first I steam my spinach for 5 minutes (or you can even microwave them for about 2-3 minutes). then I either have them as is with some olive oil on it (delicious actually) or I sometimes sautee them off with some olive oil and finely chopped shalots.

    My mom does a mean dish which sounds odd but tastes awesome. in a large glass dish she make 3 layers: bottom layer fish fillets (firm white fish like hake or kingklip or cod), second layer fresh tomato sauce made only with tomatoes and herbs/spices, third layer spinach which has just been gently wilted. bake it all in an over for 1/2 an hour. its an excellent P/F meal, since there are very little carbs. and the only fat is if you add some olive oil in the mixture

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