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    Protein quesadillas

    Check this recipe out, I just made these and put them in a bag for work, and they are pretty awesome.

    Alright, here's how it went down... this is for 2 quesadillas:

    2 whole wheat quesadillas
    3 eggs
    diced mushrooms
    2 chicken breasts
    low fat shredded cheese

    First I scrambled the 3 eggs and threw in the diced mushrooms. While this was going on I put the chicken breasts on the george foreman grill. Once the egg/mushroom combo was done, I put it on a plate. Then when the chicken was grilled I cut the breasts up into small pieces. I took one quesadilla at a time and put the chicken/eggs/musrooms on one half of the quesadilla, then sprinkled the shredded cheese, and folded the other half over. Then I did the same thing for the other quesadilla to use all of the chicken and eggs. At this point I put the quesadillas on the george foreman grill one at a time until the cheese is melted. BAM! Cut them up into 6 pieces total and you have a high protein/low carb snack or meal. I don't know the nutritional facts, but we are probably looking at a good 50+ grams of protein. Great for cutting. Good luck bros.

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    Great recipie bro !!! You know you can add sour cream and salsa. No carbs !!!

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    Some kind of padded room...wearing some kinda white jacket...can't!
    Good stuff, so hungry right now!

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