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Thread: Scrambled Eggs

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    Scrambled Eggs

    These are 2 of my own recipes that I make often as I get bored of eggs very easily. There's nothing to the recipes...just though I would add to the recipes as I feel they're tasty. Adjust the recipes to your taste and use as many eggs as you want.

    Recipe #1:

    Heat some EV olive oil in a pan

    Put some diced garlic in and cook until golden

    Add 4-6 egg whites (could use whole eggs) and start scrambling

    Then add about 1/3 C of low fat spaghetti sauce (I use homemade)

    Cook for a minute or two then add about 1/4 C of low fat Parmesan cheese

    Cook for another minute or two and then eat!

    Recipe #2:

    Beat 4-6 egg whites in a bowl with the following…

    small pinch of basil
    small pinch of oregano
    small pinch of black pepper
    small pinch of Hy’s seasoning salt (optional but I really like it)

    then scramble as normal.

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    I know what i'm gonna be eating tomorrow morning

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    I'll have to give it a shot, here's mine from this morning:

    8 eggs to whole
    est. 4 tbl spoons nofat milk

    cut up some steak nice and small
    dice onion/peppers/mushrooms

    You can omellette it or scramble it... for me it depends on if I F* up the omellete!

    add tons of sharp cheddar or mexican mix cheese with the taco seasoning.

    After top with somemore cheese and salsa...

    LOVE IT!


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