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    Talking Kick ass cookies :D

    I've been making these cookies for the last 2 months and me and my roomate just can't eat enough of them. They taste great and have tons of calories in them. Here's the recipe. It's a bit odd, but it's a great snack compared to protein bars.

    Put all of this stuff in a huge crazy bowl... I'm talking huge bowl:

    - bag of betty crocker peanut butter cookie mix
    - 750ml of egg whites
    - 7 cups of raw oatmeal
    - jar of natural peanut butter
    - A ton of sugar twin ( I put about a 1/2 of a box in there)
    - 1 cup of vegetable oil or some other kind of oil... best to buy one that has more of the good fats then the bad fats.
    -half bag of chocolate chips since I'm not dieting

    I throw the it all together and blend it up with a hand blender... It's a huge pile of gew... tastes great though

    pre heat the oven to around 350 and start baking cookies... takes about 8-10 mins per cookie sheet. Makes a huge amount of cookies.

    These suckers taste great and have a ton of protein, complex carbs and a big amount of fat (mostly good fats). I eat these in between my meals at work. Been doing it for months now and I don't seem to be putting on any fat very quickly. I'm averaging a good 8-10 cookies a day on top of my normal diet. Way cheaper than buying protein bars.

    A word of warning... I've tried this recipe without the oatmeal and just the peanut butter since I love peanut butter and got some really gritty cookies that wouldn't hold together. Seems the oatmeal really keeps everything bound together.

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    Those sound awsome, Ill try em some time n' get back to ya.

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    LORDBLiTZ Guest
    LOL, Swolecat gonna die when he reads that recipe!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LORDBLiTZ
    LOL, Swolecat gonna die when he reads that recipe!!



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    those sound very good

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    those do sound good ill have to try them

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    id like to make them but i live in swe and we dont have that "betty crocker peanut butter cookie mix" thing u talked about, how would i make the cookie from base?

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    Hey Dan.

    Hello Danny. Just noticed that u were from Halifax. After checking out your webpage I realized who you were. I'm From Cape Breton myself. I saw you compete in the 2003 NS Championships. 4th place out of 14 is pretty impressive Three of my close friends competed that year as well. Anyways, keep up the hard work. Lookin huge man.
    PS. Those cookies sound killer lol.

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    This should be retitled "How to become fat, if you aren't Superman (AKA Dangit), Vol I).

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    I just made a batch of these cookies and love them. What about adding rasins???? I love oatmeal rasin cookies is there a healthy recipe someone can share with me or can I just add rasins to these?????

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