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Thread: Strong Headeche from Ostarine ?

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    VladiSlav* is offline New Member
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    Strong Headeche from Ostarine ?

    Hi, I'm new in the forum and write from Bulgaria, because here you have a lot more experience, i'm 34 years, have experience with AAS and trained years of boxing and general physical training. I ordered Ostarine from England, below will give you a link and a picture to see it. Ostarina is on capsules of 10 mg, and the first day I drank 10 mg in the morning and 10 mg noon. The next day drank 10 mg in the morning and a little later began a strong headache all day to the end, generally very rarely have. The next day I did not take, becаuse I felt a slight tension in the head, but went to train in the gym made a very strong workout and I felt pretty strong. Have you an idea of what may be a headache, whether blood pressure, and if there is doubt about Оstirin.., and should I throw...
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    I haven't experienced this when using ostarine and I've used it a fair few times, be on the side of caution though because osterine is suppressive..

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    Drugs affect people differently, that said I've never heard of headaches as a side effect of osta. Keep in mind drugs are also not always what they are listed as

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    I didn't like OSTARINE at all so theres no way I could up with a headache from it. I would stop using it if it were me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ALIN View Post
    I didn't like OSTARINE at all so theres no way I could up with a headache from it. I would stop using it if it were me.
    Tried LGD?
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    Never had that with osterine, I sometimes use it in between cycles
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