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    Swellin Guest

    All of you LSU fans...

    What happened?

    Granted, UGA has played like **** so far this year....but my boys showed up and soundly kicked the hell out of LSU. It still doesn't make up for the ass whipping we took last year in Atlanta, but it was complete domination...none the less.

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    blow me

    i will tell you this. 3 games i didn't expect LSU to win this year (2 are over and done with) - Auburn, Georgia, and next week @ Florida.

    Saban needs to pick a QB and stick with him.

    how about our dumbass kickoff return who kneeled on the 1 yard line ? haha.

    and don't get me started on chris jackson (our kicker). i'm gonna kick his ass if i see him walkin around campus.

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    Swellin Guest
    I feel sorry for that poor sap who kneeled on the 1. That guy is in trouble. However, if the game had been might have mattered. In this one, I don't think his stupid move made much difference.

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    no lie about the freshman kneeling.. i wanted LSU to win, but needed them to lose and now i wish they had beaten everyone round here loves uga... but my noles go noles

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    Swellin Guest
    Keep pushin punk! I'm a Nole fan, but a Dawg fan as well. You will force me to leave you to those who wish ill on your let you defend them by yourself, if you continue to pull in the wrng direction with the Dawgs.:spudnikfo

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    The Dawgs showed they why they are ranked #3 in the nation......don't know why it took the offence so long but it doesn't matter. Tenn is next then FL and's gonna be tough but if they play like they did yesterday they can go undefeated this yr.

    Yes LSU had some costly mistakes, but good teams take advantage of others mistakes...that's how GA controlled the game.

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    Swellin Guest
    Right now, Auburn looks to be the toughest team left on the schedule, but Florida will always be our hardest game.

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