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Thread: Reggie Bush

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    Reggie Bush

    You guys think he'll go pro after this yr? He's only a Jr. He has to be the #1 pick hands down if he goes. Looks like he could end up a Texan.

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    he's freakin sick isnt he?!!!? i think he will def go pro - i dont see why he wouldnt. good chance he will be the number 1 overall pick (although if the texans do get the 'rights' to that pic i think they should trade it for a new offensive line and all new coaches). the rb position is not their problem - the rest of their team is. but i do think he will def come out - he's got the heisman this year.

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    I couldn't get enough of him vs fresno st. He's the best all around athlete in all of football right now I'd say, probably in the top 3 for rb including the nfl. He will def go in the NFL after this season, leinhert is leaving he has no reason to stay.
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