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    What's a rusty trombone?

    Vote for Expos and Twins

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    Its not like they'll be out of work after this season. There are many players from those teams that will start for other teams next year. I don't know much about Minnesota, but Montreal doesn't deserve a team. There isn't an issue to raise when fans don't support a team. That is a funny idea though!

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    Speaking of the Expos. Did you guys see that commercial on Fox Sports? The one where the manager of the Expos goes to a pawn shop to "barter" the team. The guy who owns the pawn shop offers him "an 11 yr old bronx little leaguer". (the "11" year old is like a 40 yr old cuban with a full beard and beer belly).

    They were pokin fun of that kid from the Bronx who played the little league WS. that I've typed this...I wish I hadn't, because it doesn't even sound funny. But trust me, when you see the'll'll see.

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