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    Has anyone here ever had a sponsorship for a competitive sport?

    Just curious what the procedures are for going about this. Do you approach sponsors or wait for them to approach you? Just wanting to know some of the in's and out's.

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    Some approach you. Most are dealt through your agency if you've got one.

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    Posted by KeyMastur - Yesterday at 10:44 AM
    Some approach you. Most are dealt through your agency if you've got one.
    Key is right. They tend to approach you or your agent. Just remember, they like names and winners or up and coming. If you have got the talent, someone will sponser you, it just might take a while before you can prove that you have got the talent.

    If nobody comes after you, ask your agent about getting you a sponser.

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    I can shed some light on this....I've been sponsored for tennis professionally and offered a rugby sponsorship. My advice for you would be as follows:
    If you are up and coming you need to get your name out there so they will start looking at you. Yeah you can wait till you get noticed or you can get yourself noticed by writing letter asking for sponsorship etc. Most people starting uot can't afford an agent. If you are already establishe din your sport, then you can afford to wait for someone to sponsor you, but untill then you need to spark some interest by more than just you results in what you achieve. Also if you wite sponsors you will comit yourself more to doing your best as you'll be held accountable for you failures but more importantly for your successes. If you want something, go and get it, don't wait for it.

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