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    Chris Byrd vs Fres Oquendo - JUDGES SUCK!!

    Did anyone see the fight? Oquendo owned him for most of the fight and the judges were unanimously in favor of Byrd, one judge was 117-111! Even Byrd was surprised by the judging...he was practically frowning before the decision and he didn't know what to do when the decision was announced. Anyways, we all figured out that Chris Byrd is a nobody champion.

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    well i didnt see the fight, but its somthing i have gotten use to.

    The judges are really ruining the great sport of boxing.

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    It's not the judges who are ruining boxing, it's the curruption and politics. Chris Byrd was always likely to get the decision in a close fight because he is a Don King promoted fighter fighting on a Don King promotion.

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    i believe both were don kings boys.
    thats 2 weeks in a row there were bad decisions. sugar shane lost the fight to oscar too but got the decision but that one worked out good for me.

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