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    Question For those who lost a lot of weight...did you have this problem??

    Hey bros 5 years ago i used to be real heavy (I am talkin 280 lbs as a 8th grader!) So i went on a diet in my sophmore/junior year of HS and lost 100 lbs in 7 months. I have been lifting since but my problem is that I have a lot of loose skin. Not hanging off but its real stretchy. Is there anything i can take to fix this or am I going to try to grow into it (which is almost impossible in my mind). Any help is appreciated, Thanks

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    I never had experience with that but I have heard about it. the only way to get rid of it is an operation. I assume by a plastic surgion. Its suppose to be a really easy operation. not too sure if its cheap or not. just talk to your doctor about it he'd know.

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    Well at a young age, your skin still has a lot of elasticity to it. It will eventually get tighter and tighter. Keep hitting those weights as well and try to fill it out.

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    I have gone through- still going through- the same changes. I have the biggest sumo boobs ever. They just wont go away! I still have a some weight to lose, so we'll see how it goes. Just this last Thursday I saw a plastic surgeon to get some advice, and he told me the operation and recovery are both very quick. Skin removal is my last resort, so if you're still a bit away from your goals, don't drop the money ($5000). Your skin could snap right back to place. If you are back to your goal weight, removal surgery could be your only option.
    Do you have a lot of stretch marks? That's another of my problems- also expensive to repair.
    Good luck

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