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    Hair thickening?

    Ive been taking procerin/saw palmettto, propecia, several vitamins daily, and using nizoral 1% for about 4-5 months, and i really think my hair is thickening at least, maybe a little growth. The initial hair loss was not bad at all, i am only 23, but it was enough for me to notice and i believe was from a few cycles(i got into gear too young and somewhat abused it). Anyways, is it even possible to see growth from using the products i described?Or do i need some minoxidil for sure?Thanks

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    It is possible bro... There are no definite rules in the human body, but finasteride can cause regrowth. Even though hair loss from AAS is usually permanent, for some people just laying off the roids will cause DHT levels to subside allowing hair to grow again. So only time will tell but as long as it is growing it is all good!

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