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    anyone ever try those pheremones?

    Im pretty bored chillin in hawaii on vacation at the moment but i got some buddys out here that swear by the stuff. Went out tonight and they were trying to get me to use some there stuff. I thought what the hell and dabbed some of this on and went out and did some partying. I guess it kind of broke the ice a little bit with meeting some girls but then again there is a lot of alcohol involved also and ill just say that you know chicks have been known to loose an inhibition or two. I didnt get laid or anything but did notice a little more flirting than usual especially for being the new guy in town.

    So anyone one got any experiences with these so called pheromones?

    If I would of gotten laid it would of been a fer sure future investment but i cant judge by one night

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    There's a whole forum on www.*************.com dedicated to pheremones. They can give you all the info you need.

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