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    mystic tanning does it tan your face also?

    mystic tanning does it tan your face also? Did it work well for you? how much is a session

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    I hated mystic tan! It's a rip off for thirty bucks of the same sunless tanning spray your girlfriend could apply. It does every bit of skin that you don't cover with the special lotion provided. Make sure to cover your toenails! It'll turn them brown, and they'll stay that way for weeks and weeks. Overall, I think it's a huge waste of money!

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    I like mystic tan- in fact i have my own spray machine haha, I think it works great and you have the tan of a lifetime, looks gorgeous

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    lilkimmy, QUESTION.
    i use "Intsant Sunless" by banana boat. I like the results very much, however..the stuff kinda smells funny. And it doesn't always wash off even after 2 showers. In fact, what i do is, apply it, wait two hours for it to work, shower, then workout cardio(to sweat it out of my poors), and then shower again. Now this works for me now, but that is because i'm cutting up right now and i'm doing cardio. When I bulk up i don't do cardio, but i wanted to keep my tan all year round. So basically....does the mystic tan leave a slight scent even after the shower?
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    where is a good place on the net to buy a decently priced tanning machine?

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    Just buy some sunless tanners- Mystic is a rip off.
    The only area that is hard is the back, but you can use one of those sponges on a stick. I use a lacquer sponge for my back. :)

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