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    Breakout/Red bumps after salon waxing

    So I took my faux-guido ass to a salon and got my back done out of paranoia. The back is fine, it really wasn't that bad at all, or so the waxer said. Problem is, she decided to get the fine hairs that grow along the traps/shoulder area. These broke into little red bumps and don't look really good. I look totally roided out. I've been using antibacterial and loofah-ing them twice a day, to prevent something even worse. Anyone have any suggestions?

    P.S. At least she ended it with a 15 minute oil massage, which I later found out wasn't standard treatment . Ahh, the price of looking good.

    But seriously, help.

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    How long has it been like that? If it hasn't been more than 2-3 days, there is probably no problem. Some people's skin gets very aggravated post-waxing. I have seen this for up to 5 days. After that, you would have never known they had a problem.

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    it could be residue from the wax that has the pores clogged, or ingrown hair...

    use a brush, or scrubbie to get it worked up good..
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    The same thing happens to me bro

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    same thing here, i think next time i'll skip the oil, that might be the culprit

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