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    Difference between laser hair removal and electrolysis?

    Whats the difference between Laser Hair Removal and electrolysis?? Which is better to get done.. Any info will be great, thanks...

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    With laser...the hair has to be dark...and cannot be in the sun for 12-18 months prior to treatment. Lasers work on light coloured hair cannot be lasered.

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    The procedures are different...electrolysis is when they take a very thin needle almost like the accupuncture needles and they insert it at the place where thehair is and send and electric pulse that kills the hair root. Lazer hair removal is when they use a lazer gun that looks like a tube to zap/blast a lazer pulse that alo kills the roots of the hair.

    -Cheaper than lazer because its been around longer
    -they can do it with a tweezer now that sends the pulse so no need for needles
    -works for all hair and skin types
    -Very low success rate in permanently removing hair
    -Extremly slow because its done one hair at a time..imagine doing a larege area!!
    -If done with needle leaves small scar dots in some

    Lazer hair removal:
    -Much faster than electrolysis because it can cover more hairs in each pulse
    -Extremly good results in all users hair doesnt grow back or grows back like baby fuzz
    -Removes small marks and dead skin cells in the process making the skin smoothe
    -Basically the latest thing out there

    -expensive, more than one session i usually needed for permanenet results
    -Older machines only work best for certain skin and hair types! only new intense light machines work safely on all
    -some find it painful slightly

    I can compare both procedures because me and my brothers all have curly hair so we get many ingrown hairs, razor bumps and razor burn when we shave on our neck so me and my brother went out to get procedure..i got the lazer and he got the electrolysis. I did 5 sessions of lazer over 6months and the hair wich was extremly thick never grew back . My brother on the other hand did the electrolysis and it always left little dotts like scabs and took ages to perform, it also did grow back because electrolysis easily misses the hair root on most trials. I recomend the lazer if u dotn mind paying.

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