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    Will taking propecia...

    Make me lose any gains while on cycle? Is there anything in propecia that will counteract any AAS i'm taking... Just wondering what everyones view is on it.

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    a state of denial
    It is possible. Finasteride is a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor, so you'll have less DHT. DHT plays an important role in the neuromuscular system. Obviously anyone can understand why a strength athlete would want an increased training adaptation due to activation of nerve endings in muscle tissue.

    DHT also regulates libido, so you can see where that may go.

    On the other hand, lots of guys say it doesnt affect them at all.

    I wouldnt recomend using it while off cycle. I DEFINATELY notice a loss of interest in sex, depression, bloat, reduced gains, and when my dick is hard, it won't be for long.

    Topical anti-androgens, vitamins, and minoxidil should keep hairloss at bay.

    While on cycle, finasteride is probably a good idea if you are running test and want to keep your hair. You will still make huge gains on a good cycle with sufficient calories and rest.

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    I've noticed no difference at all. I'm still natural btw.

    Finasteride blocks the version of the 5-ar enzyme (yes there are two) that exists primarily in the scalp skin and prostate. The controlled studies showed libido to be an issue with only 2% of the users, as opposed to 1% placebo.

    Topical anti-androgens are good in theory, but there haven't been any controlled studies to show their effectiveness in a clinical setting.

    Even if you decide that the propecia hindered some of your gains while on cycle, you'll have assurance that your hairline and skin will be intact once you come off. This is easily made up for in the long run.

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    i heard the most propecia has hindered in a cycle is 1-2pounds wich really isnt that much if your diet and training are in check then propecia wont really affect you rgains at all, like MMC78 said its better to protect your hair than gain those extra 2pounds.

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