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    proscar i dont think its working???

    i have been using 12.5mg everday of proscar now for 5 months and my hair loss is still the same and my head is always itchy to now for the last 4 months when i loss hair there is a little white crust ball at the end always and i seem to lose when my head itches the most any ideas?? is it the proscar??

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    You mean 1.25 mg a day.

    Anyway, not all drugs work for all people. Is this proscar a generic brand, like an Indian brand, or is it from one of the UG labs that have popped up?

    I have done Proscar, generic from India, and it worked great for me. But I also added in, Rogaine (Minoxidil) once or two times a day. You HAVE to be consistent, with proscar, cant miss a day.

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