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    Those who have had a HTP

    Hey whats up guys? I just had a hair transplant about ... well its only been 17 days since the surgery and I was wondering when I would be able to juice again without possibly screwing up my grafts ... Ive heard ranges from a month to 3 months and I'm really not sure how long I should wait ... I know the longer the better, I really don't want to take a chance and mess things up ... Also, I know the newly transplanted hair is not vulnerable to DHT, so the steroids wouldn't affect the transplanted area right? Sorry, I'm just a little nervous about this whole situation ... considering the money that was spent to have it done ... Well, anyone who has had a HTP please post and let me know how it worked out for u and how your hair is holding up while jucing ...Thanks

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    i am curious about this as well....

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