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    preparation-H for bags

    hey bros i heard that models use preparation-H under there eyes if they have bags...... how does that work like do they put it on when the day starts? or for like 10mins? or like at bed time? ........when? and how long?

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    Take a small amount of the cream and GENTLY rub it in till it absorbs...make sure you don't go too close to the eye 'cause it's very irritating if you get it in there. You can use it anytime you've got bags under your eyes; that would most probably be in the morning...or whenever in the day your eyes are swollen. You won't have to rinse it off since it'll absorb into your skin if you use the right amount.

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    Trouble is it makes your bags turn brown and smell funny

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    It's also supposed to be good to reduce the visibility of stretch marks

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    This was in the lounge i think.. Zappa wrote about it as a joke.. some guy mentione dusing it as a anget to make him look less bloated.. it works.. no joke..

    as silly as it sounds..

    I have put it under m,y eyes a few times and i have even put it on my tummy

    just to see if it would work..
    Theres a thread here

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