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    Crest Whitestrips Premium

    I just have to say these are WELL worth the money... I've only used 1/2 of them and my teeth are NOTICEABLY whiter... I was going to call the "satisfaction guaranteed" number and get my money back either way but they work so well I'd feel guilty!

    2 complaints... theyre a pain in the ass, you can't eat or drink for 1/2 hour and you talk like a retard with them in. Also my teeth are a LOT more sensitive. But at least they're white.

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    ya i was impressed by them as well, definalty better than that shlt u paint on ur teeth and leave on over nite!

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    yeah... they're a pain.

    For like $60 online, there are companies that will send you the exact same putty that dentists use to make the molds... then you send to the lab and they make you the exact same mouthguards a dentist would charge you $400 for.

    On the same websites, you can buy the real deal stuff the dentists use in the same strengths. It'll set you back a bit more upfront, but the professional mouthguard is the way to go because it fits so well and is so thin, you can talk normally with it on, etc... way better than whitestrips or the heatformed kind.

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