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Thread: Ruptured disc

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    Ruptured disc

    i just got my MRI results back, and just as I suspected, ruptured a disc in my neck
    This is what the report says:
    Moderate left disc herniation impinges upon the left nerve root and cervical cord at C6-7 level. Remainder of intervertebral disc spaces are well maintained. Spinal canal is otherwise intact. Cervical cord shows no abnormality.

    Just wondering if anyone has been through anything like this???? How long was you recovery time???? Have you been able to get back to your normal lifting routine???

    The nurologist feels as though it is healing pretty fast, and at this time does not reccomend surgury or any type of cotisone shots.
    This happend the end of February and I have not trained since. The pain is nowhere near what it was, although I still have some discomfort, and muscle spasm in my left tricept.
    Sice this injury occured I can notice a decent about of shrinkage in my left bi and tri. Will I be able to get it back to it's normal size????

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    I suffered a similar injury at work, only 2 verts down. That was 4 years ago and I am still suffering. My left arm/fingers have been numb for 4 years and the pain in my back/neck never goes away without medication. I have gone thru extensive rehab, and my heavy lifting days are over. Every time things would start to feel better, I'd try to slowly increase the poundages in the gym. Right back to square one. Am on waiting list for nerve damage specailist and am considering HGH or a cycle. Have not juiced in over 10 years.

    Sorry I'm not giving U an inspirational answer, but the injury you have is serious. I wish U well in your recovery.

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    Hey mongo321 I am sorry to hear you are still suffering so badly. Actually you have given me hope after hearing what you are and have been dealing with.

    As you see I originally posted about my ruptured disc back on April 4th. Th problem actually occured in early February.
    All through the month of February and March I was feeling the same syptoms as you have described. Only until early April did I start feeling somewhat better.
    After the MRI which indeed showed a rutured disc and a few visits to a nuerologist who basically told me to wait it out and see how it healed on its own before he or I would elect surgury or any other type of treatment.
    After the second visit with the doctor I explained to him I was feeling alot better and would like to see if I could go back to weight training. He told me to try it but take it easy at first.
    That was over a month ago and I am feeling GREAT no pain at all in my neck or down my left arm as I had been experiencing.
    My only issue now is the muscle atrophy i suffered in my left tricept, bicept, and pectoral.
    I only have about half the strength in my left side as I do in my right, which I am praying comes back soon, but according to the nuerologist the weakness and muscle loss was due to nerve damage caused by the ruptured disc, and until the nerve totally heals itself I will have to deal with the lack of size and strength in my left upper body.

    I had plans to run a deca test cycle this summer late June. I dont know if this is a good or bad idea.
    Some say the cycle will help me heal faster, but I worry I may end up hurting something else...(shoulder elbow wrist) on my left side due to the muscle weakness, and with the added strength i get from the juice it may lead to a joint injury.....If anyone has any thoughts on this please enlighten me.

    I have also entertained the idea of asking the Doc about HGH, or even trying to locate it on my own as i feel it may help me rehab better than test and deca....anyone with thoughts on that I would appriciate to hear them.
    Anyway all in all the disc is feeling a ton better I just wish I could regain the size & strength in the left side of my upper body.
    Mango i wish you the best of luck with your injury

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    I had the same injury but mine was wasted and had to get it fused.

    i don't know how long it will take to heal, but i do know sometimes it can take the nerve a little while to stop sending the pain down your arm.

    if you end up needing to have it fused i can tell you what that is like.

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