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    Get a Tattoo to cover up acne scars?

    Well i wanted to get one anyways on my sholder. anyone on here do this? I guess it wouldnt be my main idea behind getting the tat, but just a plus in hiding the scars...its late and i had an idea, anyone???

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    i thought a long time before I got any of my tats...til i reached the point where i was absolutely sure of what i wanted. it's a forever thing. make sure your main reason for getting one is to express your personality.

    my buddy got one and it covered up one of his scars pretty well.
    he actually cut a design into his skin when he and his longterm girlfriend had a huge fight or something haha....

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    I saw somebody with this the other day, and it was something gay, like a big red heart with a dagger or something, but anyways, It looked like **** because the red ink did a very poor job on covering up his acne. I would get a dark tatoo if you do...

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