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    Accutane With Clomid


    Im currently using

    500mg testo ethanet, week
    4iu GH, ED
    HCG , 500iu, EOOOD

    Well i was thinking of going of the cycle now and start with clomid, but can i use Accutane when using clomid.?

    Also my accutanes went out of date like 1 year ago is that a problem?

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    Not much to do with the accutane bro, but when did you start HCG , could you lay out your total HCG plan for me it looks a little much for that cycle IMO

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    HCG use!

    Ok i ran the cycle like this first

    week 1-10 600mg Eq and 600mg Cypionate .
    week 1-10 4iu Gh ed 5on 2 off

    HCG was and is used att 500iu every 3rd or 4th day.

    Its week 12 now and i used 500mg ethanet and im stoping now.

    I will use 4iu gh for 1 more week then go to 2iu Gh for 3 more weeks.

    Also in 3 weeks i start with Clomid therapy.

    I been using HCg still at same dose and will contiunue with that until i start with Clomid therapy.

    But why is the accutane not good? It works even if its old thats what i been told?

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