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    Simple, effective way to smelling good

    Ask any female and she will tell you that, more important than looks, the way a guy smells will have the most impact on her and will and have the longest lasting effect. I have dozens of the most expensive colognes on my shelf, and I never use them. All through college I have been using the same deodorant and cologne. TRUST ME this works.

    Old Spice High Endurance Pure Sport (with the green label, $5) Apply to the armpits, as well as the chest area and shoulders. Not too heavy, but a thin layer on these areas will do. If you are tall like me, I apply more of it on my shoulders than anywhere else because girls tend to reach at about my shoulder, and I want that part of me to smell the best. Old Spice High Endurance Pure Sport is HEAT ACTIVATED, meaning the hotter the weather, the more you sweat, and the BETTER YOU WILL SMELL. You cannot lose.

    Next, the cologne. Don't laugh. This stuff smells great by itself, and when coupled with the Old Spice it works wonders. Adidas Moves cologne ($25) can be found at any Rite Aid or CVS. Spray that shit on your neck and chest. I get compliments every day on how I smell ("Oooh you smell good" "What are you wearing?" "Wanna fvck?" etc) And as an added bonus, your clothes will smell great afterwards. The whole thing will cost you less than $30 and it works great for me. But everyone's body chemistry is different it might not work as well for some, but definitely give it a shot.

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    what about hawk, or steel, or iron, or high karate?

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