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    GYNO/puffy nipples & piercings

    I wonder if anyone has seen/ knows someone who has puffy nipples and has them pierced? I was wondering what effect that might have on gyno/puffy nipples in regards to improving the look of the condition? Does it just look like az.z? Or did it improve the situation?

    I'm just wondering. My buddy has his nipples pierced twice per nipple, and it looks like it might possiably fix the situation.

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    Yeah it makes them hard constantly

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    i have a nipple piercing, it does not make them hard constantly, sorry for reviving this thread but i figured i would correct that info.
    the only thing that happens is that of course ur nipple gets a little bit bigger due to the ring going through it.
    the only thing that does help is when u have inverted nipples, which is the total oppossite of what u r describing
    mine is fine, i love it, and it doesnt bother me at all.

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