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Thread: Oh man...

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    Oh man...

    Whats up guys.
    Just a little story here that really put me in a freakin question mark about what to do now !

    Okay ive been wokring out pretty damn hard for a while now. Always wanted to be big.. and its never enough anyway. To me it seems like I look the same every time i look in the mirrior..( maybe from lookin too much cant tell the diff ) Anyway.. I didnt have a gf for past year... girls I met ..most of them were just not a "match"... or just didnt know wtf they want. No good girls. Well... last time.. I was on the party... and I met couple of pretty COOL girls. And After talkin to them for a bit.. I found out... that I look... intimidating !!! " Cuz ur tall .. ( 6`3) and big ( Cmon ! not that big.. Ive seen much bigger guys ) and your hair style on top of everything ( WEll Anyone remembers Ivan Drago from Rocky ? ). BUT " after talking to you I find out that You are really nice guy ". So looks like... girls wouldnt even talk to me.. cuz Im scaring them away... All that hassle.. always thought working out ...getting bigger and beeing pretty tall = looking more attractive would acctually help me get some more .. cool girls. And this is not only one time a girl told me that... see when i heard it for the first time.. I was like.. oh well..everybody likes different things..but now... 2nd...3rd..and another two..
    Just wanted to share that with You fellas.. maybe it happened to some of you too ? Anyone ?
    Maybe I should get the plates for my car saying... INTMD8T or some shit like that

    Take care

    - Intimidating LUKA

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    LOL, I had the same problem but I am way bigger (6'6 , 295, still have visible abs though and my chest is around 10 inches larger than my waist. That should give you a good idea of my build), I also had a shaved head. I am pretty good looking guy by all accounts, but for some reason when I had my head shaved no one would approach me... ever. I would have to approach every girl and even then they were apprehensive but they never failed to let me know afterwards that I really was nice and I wasn't as mean or scary as they originally thought. So after a year of me having to do all the work with girls I decided to let my hair grow out. Although I don't look as "scary" as I did before, it sure makes me look like a much more approachable person. So i guess try and ditch the haircut for a more mainstream style . It made a big difference for me at least.

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    Hahah yeah... ur damn big. I guess Ill try to change that hair style. Pretty funny stuff

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