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    Cetaphil moisturizer + Neutrogena Body Scrub =less acne

    I started a cycle a 5 weeks ago and I have very little acne compared to past cycles. With past cycle I never really used a moisturizer, but I did use acne body scrubs, and I think they actually dried my skin out too much, causing the acne to get bigger and bloodier. This cycle my acne is not bad at all, I do have some acne, but about 70 percent less than before.

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    Thanks for sharing

    Honestly, I've found the best way to avoid acne is using a cleanser that doesn't overdry, like Cetaphil. Then apply an oil free moisturizer made for acne sensitive people. Do this in the morning and once at night, and you should clear up just fine.

    Another good way to keep acne away is getting rid of dead skin. For your face, Microderm abrasion works well, but if you can't afford it or don't want to go to a spa/skin center to get it done, buy a good product that claims to exfoliate the skin. These usually have little micro crystals that feel like sand in them. These will help get rid of the dead skin that can build up on the face, or other areas you have acne.

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    ST. Ives makes a apricot scrub that works nicely on me

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