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    Has anyone used the Zeno for acne, heat shock treatment

    When i first saw this I thought it was something that could be sold late at night on TV. I have heard more and more about it. It uses a heat shock treatment to treat acne. Has anyone used it?

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    never heard of it bro but if you use it let us know how it goes.

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    I have it, its expensive (225$) it works! All the celebs use it, its the real deal! PM me if you have any more questions..

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    I have not but something I read on there seems maybe not 100% helpful to steroid users.

    Zeno stimulates a heat-shock response in p. acnes, the bacteria which causes at 90% of all acne blemishes. </quote>

    Now don't take this is fact but more of a question.. Is ance from Steroids caused by bacteria, that would be my first question. I have clean skin and shower at least 2 times per day and on "work" days I hit it three times and I use natural soaps and only non-comogenic lotions. During this cycle I got horrible bacne and nothing worked until I was recommended to use Nizorial shampoo and within one week my bacne is 90% cleared up. Now Ketoconazole is used to fight fungal infections topically and can also be used as an oral form/pill but can cause some serious liver lipid issues.

    I guess my question is this, before spending hundreds of $$ on a fancy skin lighter that might damage your pores I would spend $10 on a bottle of shampoo and try it for a couple of weeks.. Wash 2-3 times per day and let it sit on your skin for at least 5 minutes.


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