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    microdermabrasion and acne

    wrong thread
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    I have no idea what they have in mind.
    But just as microdermabrasion removes the top layer of skin, so does a razor. So if you want to have a home microdermabrasion session at home, just whip out your trusty Gillette and have at it. Does pretty much the same thing. Just make sure you use lots of hot water (hot towels applied to the skin) -- that's the magic ingredient.

    I was at a hair show (for my work) and I saw a lady selling a microdermabrasion machine for use in a spa. The thing cost $3500 or so, and she was telling me that other folks use 'em on women's faces and charge $150 for a treatment. Turns out that the machine was nothing more than a fancy vacuum pump that pulled table salt through a hose so that it bounced on a small section of skin and then into a disposal thing. The jagged edges of the salt supposedly wore away the top layer of skin, leaving the bottom layer exposed. Hah. Again, that gizmo did the same thing that your Gillette razor does, but only for a lot more $$$.

    Anyway, most of the liquid microdermabrasion stuff is basically the same -- it's got some sort of cream along with some pulverized walnut shell suspended in it. You rub the cream with the bits of shell on your skin, it wears off the top layer of skin, and voila! the shiny new underlayer of skin shows through, and you look years younger. If you wanted to save some $$$, you could maybe mix some fine beach sand in some handlotion and apply (gently) to your skin, and then wash off. Or, you could just shave.

    Ya, cosmetics is a slick way to seperate you from your hard earned $$$.


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