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Thread: Tanning

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    Alright i've seen a lot of false information about tanning on here... I'll let you all know the truth. If you choose to tan, do it properly. There are Several types of beds, i've seen on here some people call them "low, medium, high performance" units. That is not true. The levels of each bed as as follows...

    - Base Bed... Gives off a higher UVB percentage than UVA Rays
    Consists of about 80% UVB Rays, 20% UVA rays

    What are UVB Rays?
    - UVB rays oftenly more known as "burning" rays are used to raise the melanin to skin surface

    What are UVA Rays?- UVA rays oftenly more known as "browning" rays are used to brown over the melanin once raised to the skins surface

    So why do i need UVB rays?- UVB rays are used to raise the melanin to the skins surface where UVA rays are used to brown over wich is often why you may not see results after 1 time of tanning

    How do i propery build a tan? - To build a proper tan, you need to build a base tan. This is done by visiting the salon every other day until you have reached your tanning platau (sp?)

    How do i maintain my tan? - Maintaining a tan varies depending on wich skin type you are... If you do not already know your skin type please take this test

    Okay so im tanning as you directed anything else i should be doing? - Yes, there are several other things you should be doing first being ALWAYS use propery eyewear when tanning (usually available @ your local salon), ALWAYS use a tanning lotion (also usually available @ your local salon), Moisturize 3 times daily, Drink 12 glasses of water a day as tanning is very drying to the skin, And exfoliate once weekly.

    For year around tanners... I do not recommend tanning more than twice weekly regardless of skin type once a base tan is aquired

    Feel free to post your own knowledge to this issue in this thread...

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    AR SPA here u come.


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    Wow do you run a tanning salon too? Sounds straight out of the Smart Tan manual.

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