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    Unhappy Anyone experienced this???

    Ive been on the juice for approx 3 years. Came off for good about 4 months ago cos I developed a miner gyno in my right nip. This is all being dealt with, getting the mother fu*ker cut out.

    Anyway, me being a big sunbed user, I noticed a couple of white spots on my arm (unable to tan). I then developed them on my legs. Saw the doc and he diagnosed me with Tinea versicolour (a skin fungal infection that causes de-pigmentation of the skin, easily treatable over time). He said (and also from internet research) that it is common and can be caught from gym's, sunbeds etc. It was also mentioned that becuase of my long term juice usage my immune system would have been lowered and this is when the infection strikes most.....

    I just wanted to know if anyone on the board had experienced this and how they have dealt with it. I have creams and shampoos but don't seem to be making any progress.


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    Cool Tinea Versicolor . . .

    Hey, Body Talk . . .

    I seem to recall one or two threads on tinea versicolor a few months ago. If you hit the Search button at the top of this screen you can enter the term (in quotes) and find those threads. As I remember, they focused on diagnosis and treatment, primarily with selenium sulfide (here in the States, that means Selsun Blue or Nizoral shampoos).

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