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    accutane for acne while on dbol

    can you purchase accutane at a pharmacy or do you need a script from your doc??? thanks again bros the ac is on the attack on my back...again.

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    You do need a prescription in the US. If you are taking d-bol, or any thing that is highly metabolized by the liver, you may want to reconsicer using accutane, since it also highly metabolized by the liver. Accutane can also have lots of nasty sides. I would seek an alternative if possible. But there is no doubt it works, I just would not suggest using it during cycle.

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    like the man said very harsh on the liver ,the toxicity equals that of anadrol .

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    dbol with accutane is very very bad. i just got denied life ins. because of my liver values. i would advise anyone who asks to be kind to their liver...

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