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Thread: Tattoos

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    Wanted to know if anyone in this forum knows of any websites where I might get some ideas about weightlifting-related tattoos and pics of them. Thanks! -BB

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    I don't know of any sites with tattoos specifically related to lifting. Check out regular tattoo sites or shop sites. You'll have to do lots of browsing but might find something. Looking for anything in particular? I have posted a similar question and done a little research. Let me know. REDROCK

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    coming from someone with a cpl tats, my suggestion is to find an artist that you want to do your work. Then sit with him and give him an idea of what your looking for, tattoo artists love doing custom work and will gladly draw up a cpl one of a kind ideas for you.


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    well if you want to look at general pictures of tattoos they are called flash... these are the ones you see all over the tat shops when you go in. so you could go to and do a search on weightlifting tats, flash or something like that and maybe coime up with some stuff... but i like having my tats all original.

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    I thought about getting a tatoo of a $100 bill wrapped around my #1 muscle so when my girlfriend wanted to go out and blow my money she could stay right at home.... just kidding but that joke actually saved me alot of money!

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    LORDBLiTZ Guest
    1) Get a tattoo of a dozen roses on ur dick.This way you will never have to remember to buy them.and when the G/F or wife wants em you just pull ur pants down and give em to her.

    2) This was on the Tom leykis show

    This guy got a tattoo of "YOUR NAME" on his dick.So he goes into clubs or whatever and walks up to chicks and says...Hey,i bet i have "YOUR NAME" tattooed on my dick.

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    I have several tats, and I've always had my artist custom draw one. Find a guy whose work or style you like and give him (or Her) your thoughts and let them draw. This is benificial for a couple of reasons: 1. It's yours and 2. you didn't pick it off the wall and won't see the same tat on somebody else at the bar. This also will allow you to size it according to where you want to place it. Also, if you are serious about having someone draw a tat for you, offer them a $20 deposit as this will speed up the process and make them feel more at ease that you aren't some dick who is wasting their time and won't be back for a tat. Good luck...

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