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    Lightbulb Hairmax Laser Comb - for hair loss

    TIME Magazine labeled this product as one of the ‘Inventions of the Year’

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    Never been interested in one. If they publish some positive clinical FDA results then I will be a believer. Another possible good treatment. I think the most promising thing on the horizon in the next 3-5 years is hair cloning where you clone hair (hair multiplication, or HM) that can be transplanted. That way you don't have to be cut up to slice out donor hair and stitch up a nice scar, and unlimited donor hair.

    Read this:

    Hair Multiplication Update - April 2002

    The famous scientist behind Hair Multiplication procedure stunned the world this year with a breakthrough in hair transplant technique while everyone is anticipating for more updates on his Hair Multiplication research. The world's fascination with Hair Multiplication lies in the possibility that this technique could theoretically end baldness for all for everyone given that we can culture an endless supply of hair cells.

    Hair Multiplication is a hair restoration procedure that involves extracting hair follicle cells, culturing and multiplying the extracted cells, and injecting the new hair cells into balding areas.
    HairSite forums have been flooded with speculation that the announcement of Dr. Gho's new hair transplant technique is a diversion from his Hair Multiplication research. Some further speculated that Dr. Gho might have given up his research on Hair Multiplication in light of the recent news.

    In a telephone interview with HairSite in April 2002, Dr. Gho reassured HairSite that the progress of Hair Multiplicaiton research is on schedule and there is absolutely no diversion whatsoever. When asked if he would still adhere to the prediction in our last interview that HM will be available in 5 years, Dr. Gho confidently replied in the affirmative, and added that it would be within “four years now”.

    Dr. Gho indicated that technically speaking his clinic can roll out HM commercially to the public today. However, the present protocol would not be a very efficient model as the same results cannot always be duplicated on every patient. Numerous HM sessions may be necessary for one patient whereas only a few sessions are necessary for another patient even though both patients have the same degree of baldness. Recently, Dr. Gho has been working with a new U.S protocol for Hair Multiplication and he is optimistic that this will solve the consistency issue. This new protocol has been designed to be suitable for release in the United States.

    When asked if HM is creating a new follicle or simply rejuvenating old or dormant follicles, Dr. Gho chuckled: “that is not my concern at this point, all I know is that it grows hair.” Dr. Gho explained that there is a very complex process that governs hair growth in humans as opposed to hair growth in mice. In his study, cultured hair cells are injected into areas where there were once hair. It would require a whole new research to evaluate scientifically and objectively whether new follicles are being created or dormant follicles being induced to grow hair in the process. That is not his priority at this point.

    As for collaborating with other researchers recently making news in HairSite, eg: BioAmide, Dr. Unger, Dr. Jahoda etc., Dr. Gho indicated that he is fully aware of other researchers’ work. However, he is not at liberty to divulge any information to the public at the moment.
    This constitutes the first part of our telephone conversation. What followed are strictly information pertaining to Dr. Gho's new hair transplant technique - "Follicle Transplantation."

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