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    should i tan my face in the tanning beds?

    should i tan my face in the tanning beds? some beds have places so your face wont get tanned and other beds have a face tanning thing in the beds not sure what to do i guess ill tan my face

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    sometimes i do, sometimes i don't. when i don't, i just stick a towel over my face. it tans easier than anything else b/c it's out in the sun more every day.

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    I do the same thing as Key. I just put a towel over my face sometimes. If I do tan my face, I wear sunscreen to avoid any kind of a burn. I want to have a tan, but I don't want to look like a wrinkeled old hag when I am 40.

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    I go in all the way bro. I get a nice tan all around.

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    ridin dirty
    i have moderate acne on my face and it always gets better when i tan so i tan for 20 minutes each time, and i tan my face for about 10, then cover it for the other 10......seems to work for me

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    I tanned my face in the beds, but I use the standup now and it tans my face more evenly.

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    i went to the tanning salon a few times... its still not like when you're in Greece, laying on the burning san, getting a REAL tan that lasts for a month or so... ahhhh cant wait lolol
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    I don't even lay out at the beach unless I have 15+ SPF on anymore and with that no more than 45min. All that damage comes out 10 years after. I played BBall for 15 years. that was enough damage for me. At 33 I have seen some great looking girls go from amazing to scary from 20 years old to early 30's from sun damage and smoking. I also have a friend who is a dermatologist and another friend that assists him in removing things from peoples skin and treating wrinkles. A few of those stories and you would want to protect yourself. My best friend is one year younger at 32 and has loved the sun all his life, you would swear by how deep his wrinkles are and rough his skin is that he was 45. Not worth it in my opinion but most don't realize it until they start to see those first few wrinkles on themselves. Remember 90% of visible aging is due to UV rays.

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    I tan my face. Up to you, but I'd definitely use moisturizer too after every tan. Helps keep the tan big time.

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    I will admit. Girls who tan early in life look great and then in their early 30s they look horrible. You know they are 30 but they look 40. Wrinkles around the eyes. They dont respond well later on in life after they have been tanning. I guess cause their skin is more fragile and thinner.

    As for tanning in winter the only reason I tan is for my face. I also find in winter my face is not as clear so the tanning salon clears it up and gives me some color so I look healthy. Plus it gets rid of the sunglasses ring around the eyes since I work outside.

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